Your desire to guarantee you excellence in hosting your events is what has prompted Multi taste to create an genuine quality and customer satisfaction policy.

All personnel participants in the events are mobilized around quality specifications that are precisely defined for each of our specialties.

To better meet your requirements, improve our services and understand your needs, we regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys throughout the year.

Along with this approach to quality of service, Multi taste gives great importance to the health and culinary aspects of quality.

Multi taste complies with European regulations and in this context, it acquired CE certification, a quality label that allows us to cooperate exclusively with certified suppliers. For even greater safety and quality, we only select those who undertake to supply organic products (ie do not include GMOs).

Multi taste bases its "quality" policy on the HACCP approach that includes rigorous daily controls.

The aim of this approach is to preserve the quality of ingredients, the refrigeration chain, the processing temperatures, the consumption dates as well as good manufacturing and hygiene practices in preparation.

In addition, Multi taste has implemented a traceability mechanism using a barcode that allows us to spot all our ingredients throughout the process from preparation to serving at the event.

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