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Meals are prepared by Multi Taste Catering chef, Mr. Kumar Rajinder and his team.

The ingredients of meals are used in agreement with our customers and the long-term design guarantees stable prices and availability.At the same time, we are constantly conducting market surveys to ensure the best value for money and to see new trends in the food market.

The ingredients used by Multi Taste Catering to produce its meals are always of excellent quality and are selected on the basis of the strict standards set by the Company's Quality Control and Research and Development Department.

We buy the ingredients from the domestic and international market.

The hygienic and safety standards of the produced meals are assured at every stage of the production process, as a strict refrigeration chain is maintained so that the final consumer can enjoy a meal that maintains its taste and quality flawless.


The Mediterranean Cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in the world. Its recognition and reputation are the result of the pure ingredients and the healthy cooking methods used in it, as well as its unique flavors.

The climatic conditions of the area (sun, sea, moderate temperatures and good, fertile soil) contribute together and create the perfect conditions for the development of high quality products such as olive oil, vegetables, citrus, dairy products, meat and the famous Mediterranean wheat.


Kosher means to be prepared according to Jewish law, that is, to use specific materials and special preparation. For example, pork and seafood are not included in the menu, dairy products are not mixed with meat, the cleanliness is kept very strict, especially for vegetables, so that there are no insects on the leaves and so on.

Kosher certification features about 400,000 products produced by 2,400 businesses in six consecutive Hebrew diets, with roots in the Bible and Hebrew tradition. It requires a series of directives covering the choice of ingredients, the composition of the ingredients and the way in which these products are produced.

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